We Are All In This Together

I talked to a doctor at the Mount Sinai hospital in New York.  What I heard is horrible. It's unacceptable. It's not fair.

Her department performs high risk nasal procedures for coronavirus patients, but they don’t have protective coveralls, no coverage for neck and back. They only have supply for one N95 mask per doctor per day.  But they need 2-3 per doctor per day to change for different patients. They can only afford to use one face shield per day, but need 2-3.

She told me while the governor claimed millions of PPEs have been sent to hospitals, they never make it to the hospital floor. We need to change this. Doctors are risking their lives for patients. We need to pitch in.

She asked for the following donation to her department:


  • 200 Tyvek suits

  • 300 N95 masks

  • 200 Face shields

  • 300 Shoe covers

Let's do this together folks. You know there are hundreds of doctors and nurses like her out there seeking our help.

The Coronavirus pandemic is the global fight of our life time. Everyone has to take part to win this war. We need to do our share to protect our doctors and nurses so they can protect us.




To participate:

  1. Make a 30-second video of yourself doing extra work to earn money for donation

  2. Share the video with your social network. Challenge your friends to do the same

  3. Make a donation