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ICS Mask Challenge

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Asian Americans Show International Community Spirit By Sending Masks to Wuhan

In January 2020, when the Coronavirus epidemic was raging in China, Asian Americans show their international community spirit by scouring the world for medical masks and sending them back to China. Their timely action saved millions of  lives. By February, American stores were out of surgical masks and N95 masks. 

China fought off the Coronavirus successfully and the people of China are rejoicing. However, in late March, the United States became the epicenter of the pandemic and overtook China in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Now that America has become the number one country with the most confirmed coronavirus cases, Americans cannot buy medical masks in local venues or through online shopping networks.  Available stockpiles of masks have been sold and sent to China. American hospitals are running dangerously low on critical emergency supplies like surgical masks and gowns.

With the sudden surge of patients, many American hospitals will run out of medial masks in a matter of days. Some doctors  and nurses are forced to re-use masks for a week, risking their lives. Terrified, they are putting their lives and the lives of their families in great danger to help the sick. 

American Doctors Pleading For Protective Equipments

As cases in America skyrocket, many doctors and nurses will become ill and will be unable to assist their patients. Without protective medical equipment, thousands of people will needlessly die.

Asian Americans Facing Racially Motivated Attacks

Under tremendous stress, even normally nice Americans have started blaming Asian-looking people for the coronavirus. Asian Americans are subject to racial slurs and physical attacks across the country. 

People can vent their frustration by pointing figures and exchanging accusations and conspiracy theories; but negative actions will only provoke more negative reactions. Arguments will deepen the conflict and hatred on both sides. Since children learn racial prejudice from older folks and the media, the more they see and hear racial attacks, the more they will adapt that behavior and vent their frustration by spreading racial hatred in schools,  playgrounds and online.

Show Our International Community Spirit

The Chinese and American people are connected in one international community. We work closely together in trade, education and many other areas. We need to show our International Community Spirit by coming to the aid when one neighborhood of our community is in distress.

People in China can show their appreciation for the help from Chinese Americans by helping American doctors and nurses. More importantly, we need to show the young people of America that the young people of China are here to help them, that we live in the same international community. We probably cannot change the behavior of racist adults, but we can certainly change the behavior of their children through acts of kindness.

Performing community service is also a key requirement for applying to top American universities. Leading schools select students who want to change the world. Chinese students can show their international community spirit by helping American doctors and nurses.

In addition, Chinese students need a voice in the international media so the world will hear their message. They need to document their activities on video and spread news of their contribution to generate good will between young people of the world.

Call To Action

Chinese students are called to help save American doctors and nurses by joining the International Community Spirt Project to donate 10,000 surgical masks to doctors and nurses in America. Do your part in saving the world.

Your Mission: ICS Mask Challenge

Hospitals in Boston are running out of masks. We are partnering with a PPE fund organized by Harvard professors and students to donate masks to Boston’s hospitals. Our first goal is to raise $4000USD to donate 4000 surgical masks to the Hebrew Rehab Center, a Harvard associated hospital. We will have a Zoom video call with the Harvard professor and student leader.

To Donate

  1. Make a 30-second video of you performing a household chore to raise money for masks. Examples: wash a dog, wash dishes, clean a house, paint a fence, plant a tree. 

  2. Include the following in your video: "I’m Joe from Beijing and I will donate 100 masks. Join the fight!”

  3. Share your video with your social network.

  4. Make your donation of $100

Project Timeline

  1. Students hear about the shortage of masks at American hospitals

  2. They form teams with friends and family to do the project together

  3. Students form a team to make their donation video

  4. Share video with friends to encourage more people to join

  5. Parents purchase masks and send them to ICS in America where they will be distributed to hospitals 

  6. Doctors and nurses share videos of receiving the masks 

  7. Students will write stories about their community service project and share their short videos on the ICS channel on short video platforms

  8. ICS produces a documentary about the whole project

  9. The documentary will be entered into film festivals around the world 

Free Documentary Video-making Class

As a bonus for participating in the project, American film instructors at StarCoach will teach you how to create a video documentary of your project by recording actions, conducting interviews, and editing videos.

Join the ICS Mask Challenge Today Make The World a Better Place For Tomorrow! 

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