• Michael Yuen

The Call To Action

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The world for Asian Americans will never be the same again after Trump called the coronavirus the Chinese virus at a White House Daily Pandemic Briefing and then repeated it in a tweet.

Asians in America are subject to rapidly rising incidents of racially motivated attacks by people who see Trump's action as legitimizing hateful attacks on Asians.

While any descent American would disagree with what Trump did, there's always a small percentage who see this as an opportunity to vent their anger on another group. It's up to Asian Americans to develop a strategy to protect themselves and their loved ones.

At ICS, we are actively developing solutions to improve relationships between young people of the U.S. and China. We believe that if young Americans get a chance to know people from another culture by working on projects together, they would be able to make proper decisions when called upon. Join ICS to develop solutions together.

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